At Sunbelt, we provide buyer services for individuals, corporations, private equity groups and other investors seeking acquisition opportunities. While we can tailor our services to your specific needs, the typical ‘buy-side’ engagement proceeds operates in the following manner:

We work with you in the design of an acquisition strategy.
We develop a list of potential sellers
We approach the potential sellers and explore their interest in an eventual sale.
We compile and analyze the information of the potential target companies.
We negotiate the best terms possible for you.
We coordinate the due diligence.
We help you obtain the necessary financing.
We accompany you through all the process to secure a smooth transaction.
Future business operators will be presented with opportunities that fit their interests budget and experience.

For investors groups and strategic acquisitions firms, we seek to provide companies that have demonstrated a market fit and are growing into a development phase and expansion. 

Valuations - We assist clients in developing valuation models and setting expectations in terms of earnings multiples that will likely be paid for acquisition candidates.

Acquisition Search – We will coordinate the process of targeting possible acquisition candidates including contacting and screening opportunities. This process may be coordinated with Sunbelt’s 220 offices worldwide to provide our clients with a comprehensive, international search process.

Acquisition, Negotiation and Execution – Once we have identified an attractive and viable acquisition opportunity, we assist in negotiating and structuring the acquisition, coordinating the activities of our clients’ legal, accounting and tax advisors and anticipating the exit strategy.

Financing - We assist clients with obtaining financing for their acquisitions 

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