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 Sunbelt's service description:

Selling a Business

​Selling your company is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever face and, in most cases, your largest transaction. While it can be a difficult time because the stakes are high, selling a business also creates an exciting opportunity to turn your hard work into tangible wealth.

​At Sunbelt, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the process, avoiding pitfalls along the way. We also provide you with the expertise to negotiate on a level field with experienced and sophisticated buyers. With our firm in charge you can expect the following:

- Professional and experienced team of business brokers, members of the most prestigious  profesional associations such as the IBBA, OACIQ and Build to Sell Certified.

- An accurate indication of value of your business based on a combination of more than ten valuation methodologies, each its own valuation purpose. Most probable selling price will be based on recent transactions, statistics and best business practices.

- A proper documentation of your business with the preparation of a Confidential Business Review with the information that a buyer needs to know before purchasing.

- An introduction to qualified team of profesionals and institutions to and actively market you business - Ressources at our disposal will help facilitate the transaction including n, lawyers, notaries and banks

 - Sunbelt will anticipate difficulties and creatively work around them, toward a smooth transaction

​Many business have trusted our team and we are proud to